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Dr. Michele D Clark

Discover Your Transformative  Journey Beyond Breast Cancer

with Dr. Michele D. Clark

Immerse Yourself In a Path of Transformation, Freedom, and Renewal Tailored for Female Breast Cancer Survivors.

Welcome to Your New Dawn with LIFT™ After Breast Cancer

Welcome to LIFT™ After Breast Cancer with Dr. Michele D. Clark, where every challenge is a stepping stone to empowerment. 


Get ready for an experience designed to guide high-achieving women beyond breast cancer, towards a life bursting with inspiration, freedom, and profound change.

Survived 2 Strokes

Hold BA, MS & PhD degrees

Thriving after Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Licensed since 2006

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Dr. Michele D Clark

Discover Dr. Michele

Dr. Michele D. Clark, a luminary in transformation and resilience, invites you on a journey of rebirth. Her own triumph over Stage 2 Breast Cancer has ignited a passion to support women like you in rediscovering your strength, joy, and the limitless potential of your post-cancer life.

Your Invitation to Attend Rejuvenation: The LIFT™ After Breast Cancer SpaCation

Imagine a retreat where every detail is curated for your healing, self-discovery, and indulgence. Our SpaCations are sanctuaries of luxury and empowerment, designed to celebrate your journey and embrace your future with grace and strength.

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Embrace a Vibrant New Future with LIFT™ After Breast Cancer

Step into a world where your potential is unlocked, and your passions rekindled. Dr. Michele's holistic blend of personalized coaching, transformative courses, and a nurturing community awaits to guide you towards a life lived free, inspired, and transformed.

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Unite with Our Sisterhood of Courageous Thrivers

Join hands with a community of Thrivers and supporters, where every story is honored, and every victory celebrated. Together, we share, grow, and thrive, creating bonds that empower us to face the future with confidence and camaraderie.

Transformative Learning Designed with You In Mind

Learn more about our courses and coaching sessions that are as unique as your journey. With Dr. Michele's expert guidance through her LIFT™ framework, discover strategies and insights that illuminate your path, equipping you with the tools to navigate life with confidence and purpose.


Explore Our Transformative Courses


Reach New Heights With Our Personalized Coaching

Dr. Michele D Clark

Book me to speak

Light Up Your Stage With
Dr. Michele’s Electrifying Keynotes 

Let Dr. Michele take you on a journey of transformation through her thought provoking talks and magnificent keynote presentations. Get ready to discover the secrets to breaking free of your current limitations and living the life of your dreams. 

Voices of Victory: Our Thrivers Speak

Let the voices of women who've walked your path inspire your journey. Their stories of courage, renewal, and triumph are a testament to the transformative power of our community, coaching, and courses.

Dr. Clark was incredible and inspiring. What she's doing today is saving lives. She's making sure it's centered on mental health, women, strength, hope and so much more.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

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Start Your Empowering Journey Today

Begin your transformative journey  with LIFT™ After Breast Cancer. Reach out to our Thriver Advisors today to uncover how we can support you in reclaiming your freedom, rediscovering your passions and redefining yourself to LIVE INSPIRED, FREE & TRANSFORMED! 

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